Shidokai Judo Club

The Club was founded by Sensei Keith Henson in 2004 to give local people the chance to experience Judo in a friendly atmosphere where contest is encouraged but not compulsory and everyone can feel safe and enjoy training to whatever level they choose.

We meet every Friday at our dojo (practice hall) in the Scotch Horn Leisure Centre:

Scotch Horn Leisure Centre
BS48 1BZ

6:30 – 7:30: Primaries (5-9 years old and beginners)

7:30 till 9:00 selected Juniors and Adults

Katana Judo Kai

Katana Judo Kai is a Judo club based in Bristol teaching Judo to people of all ages from 5 up.

As a member of the British Judo Council (BJC), Katana Judo Kai can take advantage of a national governing body and send it's members to participate in competitions, courses and gradings. Many of these events will be hosted by the Avon Area of the BJC, a group of clubs mainly within Bristol & South Gloucestershire, but also in BANES and Wiltshire, which the club is also a part of.